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Health, Good Temperament, and Structure for a well rounded French Bulldog.

  • We offer French Bulldog stud services-we do not have puppies at this time. 

  • Health screening of breeding stock cannot guarantee that your puppies will be excluded from any problems but the risk factor is mitigated substantially.

  • Our Goals are Health, Good Temperament, and Structure for a well-rounded dog.   

  • Mack is both AKC and BRC registered. Pedigree is available upon request.

  • Mack has been DNA tested from two reputable labs: UC Davis and Animal Genetics. Mack's DNA reads as follows: A-Panel, B, Co, D, E  EM, K, Sp, M                    

  • A breeding contract will be required. 

  • Two Puppies or more qualifies as a litter.

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